Conversation on Accessibility

Austin Shopify Meetup February 2020

This month (Thursday, February 27th) we're starting a conversation on Accessibility for Shopify stores.

There's a lot to talk about, but we'll start with why it matters (it’s the right thing and you don’t want to get sued), first steps (start fixing your site), and next steps.

Between now and the 27th, I recommend reading this newsletter post by accessibility consultant and attorney Kris Rivenburgh: Then, plug your site into this evaluation tool:

All our meetups are working sessions so bring lots of questions (please ask in advance too) and your laptops. We'll have Shopify Experts and Partners to answer questions and follow up.

We'll also have drinks and snacks :)

Thursday, February 27th, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at MELD Coworking.

RSVP on Meetup.

And also, check out the Austin Accessibility and Inclusive Design Meetup:

Some things to click on this month:

Going forward in 2020 I’m trying to develop themes with cleaner, faster code, but also code that’s more respectful of the visitor. That is, I’m trying to develop with greater consideration for privacy and consent. These words don’t show up in too many RFPs so it’s encouraging when folks like Basecamp offer a good example:

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Starting out 2020 strong: We just removed the final third-party tracker from All analysis is now done in-house. Thanks @AdamStddrd ❤️👏bImage

These sculpture installations from Cédric Le Borgne, especially his jellyfish.

Two quick geekout clicks: New CSS for Styling Underlines on the Web and Pure CSS Avatar.

This podcast on the history of the space race from the Washington Post: Moonrise. The podcast is fantastic (so is her earlier podcast Presidential), but the website has this great interaction/visualization. Just go there and click the “Let’s get started button.”

And two quick book recommendations: Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language and Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men (both are available as an audiobook).

Quick note on sponsorship...

We only have one sponsor, MELD Coworking, for our venue (they're great by the way). We don't take any money, and we're not looking to. So, any speakers we present and any links we share, are all selected because we think they'll be helpful. That's all, thanks :)