Financing and Cash Flow during COVID-19

Austin #ShopifyMeetup May 2020

Tuesday, May 12th we're going to meet to discuss Financing & Cash Flow during COVID-19.

Right now, sources of cash are constantly changing. Sales have changed, financing options have changed, payment terms have changed.

So, we’ve gathered a panel of experts and entrepreneurs to discuss managing cash flow and financing options during this season.

We will discuss questions like:

  1. What is the latest on government funding options?

  2. What other financing options are available?

  3. What is the right financing for me?

  4. Where can I find hidden cash in my business?

  5. What do I need to be tracking now?

And we'll be joined by:

  • Mike Deeks Account Director at Clearbanc

  • Amy Kanzleiter Founder at Mamie Boutique and ecommerce accountant and

  • Joseph Dunne Assistant Vice President at Guaranty Bank

  • Mark Lupton Jr. Partner & Fractional CFO/COO at Amplify


Send us your questions!

You can ask questions during the event, but you can also ask in advance by replying to this message, or by asking in a comment on the Meetup event page.

What I’ve been clicking on this month:

Twenty Bits I Learned About Design Business & Community: a lovely book by Dan Cedarholm, co-founder of Dribbble.

Shopify Compass: live and recorded workshops for merchants by Shopify

Mechanic: a Shopify app of powerful little tasks for your shopify store.

Disabling all apps (GitHub): super helpful snippet for troubleshooting themes. You can disable all apps or one-by-one.

And posters to inspire your #stayathome efforts: