Wholesale on Shopify

Austin Shopify Meetup October 2019

This month (Thursday, October 24th) we're talking about selling wholesale on Shopify. There's different approaches depending on your business' requirements (like, do you track inventory, do you have different tiers of wholesale customers, do you offer payment terms, etc.). So, we'll explore those requirements and the approaches (like a separate wholesale store, automatic discounts, wholesale variants, etc.). And we'll also cover lots of the additional details like order and item minimums, discount exclusions, taxes, sign-up forms...

All our meetups are working sessions so bring lots of questions (please ask in advance too) and your laptops. We'll have multiple Shopify Experts and Partners to answer questions and follow up.

We'll also have drinks and snacks :)

Thursday, October 24th from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at MELD Coworking.

We'll have snacks and drinks.

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Some things to click on this month:

Just read "Spineless: The Science of Jellyfish and the Art of Growing a Backbone" by local ATX author Juli Berwald. The whole book is amazing (I personally am terrified/enthralled by jellyfish), but my favorite parts were when she includes her own life alongside the science, how she talks about balancing family with journalism and research. I'm a sucker for comparing the amino acids of jellyfish toxin, but it was also the stories of figuring out how to pay for research trips and explaining her passion to her own children that kept me turning pages -- the full lives behind all this incredible information.

And the javascript accompaniment to her book, Ocean current: https://codepen.io/Gthibaud/pen/qMNYRJ.

"Austin is a small city that gets a lot of attention, but it can only really be credited with one taco, and that’s the migas taco..." Great New Yorker interview with Texas Monthly's new Taco Editor. Bonus video: "Kombucha Girl" doing British people eating Mexican food.

Web dev merit badges. Personally, I think we should have merit badges for just about everything: standing up on a surfboard, making a roux, remembering your reusable grocery bags, getting a hug right with a person of significant height difference. Seriously considering ATX Shopify Meetup merit badge sashes -- each month we can show off ones that we've earned.

Texan sculptor Robert Benavides' Hieronymus Bosch Piñatas. These are incredible. I mean, if you cracked one open, would you get pulled inside? What would you even swing at one of these? A scepter? And what could you possibly fill it with? Secrets? The antidote?

Quick note on sponsorship...

We only have one sponsor, MELD Coworking, for our venue (they're great by the way). We don't take any money, and we're not looking to. So, any speakers we present and any links we share, are all selected because we think they'll be helpful. That's all, thanks :)